10 Apps the Best Stocks for Beginners 2021
10 Apps the Best Stocks for Beginners 2021

10 Apps the Best Stocks for Beginners 2021

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estadosecidades.com – Stock investment being ogled by the community. Moreover, the momentum of the pandemic of Covid-19 on 2020 ago that had hit the market shares in the Land of Water, making retail investors busy to go to in the instrument of this investment. The stock price dipped further open up opportunities novice investors to try his luck in the stock investment.

But outside of the ‘moments’ that doesn’t often happen, the stock investment is quite promising. There is a potential yield of large waiting at the end of the road, compared to other investment instruments.

But don’t get me wrong, a high-yield is also proportional to the risk is large enough. High risk, high return. This Slogan best describes the investment opportunities in the stock market.

Hence, an investor still needs to consider the risk profile when choosing an investment instrument. If it is already ready to enter the instrument stocks, then investors still need to do research and study in selecting stocks.

One way of investment is the most easy and simple is to use the stock app. This app is provided by securities companies, or by companies that work together with securities. Of course remains must be authorized by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

For stock investors beginner, the existence of an stock of great help. With just one app on your phone, you can do the registration to buy and sell stock.

So what is the application stock is best for beginners in the year of 2021 this? Check out his review here:

  1. IPOT

Application IPOT (Indo Premier Online Technology) is one of the stock apps which are most popular in Indonesia. Application IPOT is the ecosystem online trading of PT Indo Premier Securities to invest in stocks, mutual funds, and ETFS with features that are quite complete.

One of the featured offered IPOT is a mechanism Robo Trading and Fund Evaluator that can automatically run the entire instruction order buy and sell on the stock and price you specify. With this facility, you will not miss the moment to do stock trading at a price that you expect.

Investors can also determine the choice of investing first in mutual funds with the help of the Fund Evaluator.

Some of the advantages IPOT:

  • Account registration can be done online, without face-to-face
  • No minimum deposit when opening a stock account
  • The integration of both stocks and mutual funds in one application
  • There are a variety of features that allow investors do stock transactions
  • Charting the Stock & Fund a fairly complete
  • There are features news and in-depth research by a team of Indo Premier
  • Display interface (user interface) that allows users

Fee sell stocks mentioned 0.29 percent per transaction, while a fee buy stock 01,9 percent per transaction.

  1. Stockbit

Application Stockbit initially present as a community forum trading stock alias social trading. This Forum offers many benefits because investors can exchange information about the issuer or stock recommendations.

Stockbit is increasingly recognized because of own shares is an investment instrument that the movement of price is quite influenced by market sentiment, including by news or rumors.

With its forum in the Stockbit, stock investors senior can provide analysis related to market sentiment and how its effects to specific issuers.

For stock investors beginner, of course this kind of information is very valuable. Although not accurate 100 percent, but the information and analysis is quite useful as a material consideration before making the transaction.

But as time goes by, Stockbit also provides the facility of buying and selling shares by working with Sinarmas Sekuritas. But remember, Stockbit this is not a stock broker yes.

Quoted from the description in the application Stockbit, mentioned that the Stockbit is an invstasi stock in where you can discuss, analyze, and trading of shares in one application mobile.

Some of the advantages Stockbit:

  • Can online trading, stock
  • There is a feature to learn stock
  • Learn stock with virtual trading or simulated stock scara online makes it easy to learn stock investing.
  • Forum discussions with the matter of stock
  • You can analyze information about the stock, with investors and traders in the community Stockbit. Already more than 100,000 investors and traders who join and share stock tips in this community. You can stock recommendations or stockpick of the securities and the research institute for free.
  • Available chart the movements and technical indicators.
  • You can do the charting shares in the Cloud with Chartbit (online charting platform) to support the activities of trading you. Available signal stock of such foreign flow and data port (bandarmology). There are also technical indicator complete with Foreign Flow, Bandarmology, Darva Box, Ichimoku Cloud, MACD, RSI, and many more
  • Provides fundamental data
  • Fundamental Data of stocks that you need to become an investor of the full calculation. Such as PE Ratio, Price to Book Value, Debt to Equity, ROE, up Dividend Yield
  • Suitable for the investor or trader

Stockbit can help investors with the principles of value investing and traders who apply the swing trading.

  1. MOST Self

MOST are app stock trading provided by Mandiri Securities, one of the broker the largest in Indonesia. Mandiri Securities is a subsidiary of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk. MOST present with the user interface or the display interface is friendly to new users or investors stocks beginner.

In MOST, fee sell stock 0.28 percent per transaction and fee buy shares of 0.18 percent per transaction.

A number of advantages of MOST:

  • Account registration can be done full online
  • Mandiri Sekuritas deliver training support face-to-face or online for stock investors
  • Full access to the daily research of the analysis reliably Independent Securities
  1. BIONS – BNI Securities Innovative Trading System

The same as MOST, BIONS presented by PT Bank negara Indonesia Tbk (BBNI), one of the state-owned banks in Indonesia. BIONS also show the appearance of the face-to-face attractive and friendly to the novice investor. If you are interested to invest in stocks with BIONS, it is necessary to provide an initial deposit of at least $ 1 million.

Some of the advantages BIONS, among others:

  • The look that is friendly to novice investors
  • There is a trial account for potential investors who are still trying without the use of money. With this facility, potential investors can familiarize yourself with the trading activity of the stock online
  • Features provided BIONS quite complete, ranging from automatic order list, watchlist, sector trade, research, fundamentals, to the corporate action. BIONS also delivers news and information terkii as well as the results of the research of BNI Securities
  1. RTI Bussiness

This app is arguably very helpful for stock investors in designing the strategy of buy-sell stock. RTI Business presents a variety of information about the JCI, charts, financial data, news from each of the issuer, to the exchange rate.

You can also view information for the performance of the company within a period of five years through the income statement, cash flow, profitability, balance sheet, growth to earnings.

Interestingly, RTI Business also presents features IDX virtual trading online or simulations of trading shares. This feature is suitable for you who are still beginners in the stock investment and want to first know the ins and outs of stock trading.

  1. Mirae HOST

This one app also quite popular among stock investors. The application presented by Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia for stock investors is the HOST for users of your PC or laptop and NEO HOSTED for mobile phone users.

Although the minimum deposit is quite large, at $ 10 million, however the customer has the option to open a fund account of the customer (RDN) in four banks. So investors have many options for transferring the money. Fee to sell and buy stocks in Mirae was quite low, at 0.25 percent to sell and 0.15 percent to buy the stock.

  1. Magic

App stock this one is quite ‘hits’ lately because it presents a Korean actor famous, Kim Seon Ho as the star of the ad. The actor plays the character of Han Ji-Pyeong in the famous series of Start Up on Netflix.

Well, the Magic itself relatively new player in the service provider of trading stock. App Magic is owned by a Magical Group that houses two companies, namely Miraculous mutual Funds and Magic of Securities. So Magical presents the option of investing in mutual funds or stocks at once.

With this facility, then a customer does not need to worry using two different applications for both mutual funds and stocks. Other advantages, Magically bring the look of the user interface is familiar enough with the stock player beginners.

  1. Philips POEMS ID

POEMS (phillip’s Online Electronic Mart System) is the application of trading, presented by Philips Securities. POEMS give you the option of opening account of customers ‘ funds (RDN) are quite diverse, among which is the Bank BCA, Mandiri, Permata, and Sinarmas for the account of conventional and BCA Syariah islamic accounts.

There are two featured services provided POEMS ID, among others:

  1. ProStock

Service to invest stock in realtime, safe, and easy. Service ProStock in the POEMS ID, an investor can perform fundamental analysis which is supported by the report of the company a complete and up to date, and can perform technical analysis with charting powered by Trading View.

  1. Profunds

Service for making investment in the supermarket mutual funds online, there are more than 100 mutual funds from the investment manager, trusted in Indonesia with a very affordable cost from $ 50.000.

Investors can view the information to monitor the growth of mutual funds owned in realtime. Current Profunds is one of the supermarket mutual funds online tebesar di Indonesia.

Some of the smart features contained in the application POEMS ID:

  1. Features SmartStart: a Feature that gives recommendations package of mutual funds for beginner investors that its content is tailored to the risk profile of the conservative, moderate, and aggressive.
  2. Features SmartPlan: Features nabung stock automatically which helps to invest regularly to determine the date of the purchase of shares / mutual funds, the amount to be purchased and the product of shares / mutual funds are purchased.
  3. Features SmartSafe: a Feature that will automatically execute the instructions to buy or sell a stock, based on the conditions of price-based, time based, and post-trading. SmartSafe help You do profit-taking or cut loss according to plan without the need of fear of losing the momentum.
  4. Features AutoSweep: Maximize profit by making funds settles in RDI grow over the maximum. This feature uses the facilities of auto save and auto redeem on money market mutual funds without disturbing Your transactions every day.
  5. BCAS Best Mobile

BCA Sekuritas also has an app trading stock trusted brnama BCAS Best Mobile. This app also prioritizes the user interface is quite friendly to novice users. By using this application, fee – buy set at 0.18 percent and fee sell 0.28 percent.

There are a number of excellent features that is carried by the BCAS Best Mobile, among others:

  • Real Time Market Data
  • Stock Info
  • Expert Order
  • Portfolio
  • Stock Chart
  • Watchlist
  1. MNC Securities

As the name implies, MNC Securities is a subsidiary of the MNC Group under PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk. Terms of the transaction through the MNC Securities, among other things, fee – buy 0.18 percent and fee sell 0.28 percent. The initial deposit to open an account with enough Rp 100,000.

The account opening process in MNC quite easy to can with online without face-to-face. But you need to have account in BCA can open a stock account in MNC Securities.

Tips On Choosing A Stock App

Well, that was some of the stock apps that are suitable for you beginner in start stock investing. There are some tips that you need to consider in choosing a stock application, among others:

  • Customize with the ownership of the bank account that you have. There are some securities that only provides the option account of customers ‘ funds (RDN) limited.
  • Compare fee trading low. It is certainly memudahkamu in the buy and sell transactions of stock. It means that although you quite often do the transaction, not much of a fee that must be paid.
  • Customize with the availability of funds. There are some securities that may require placement of the initial funds is quite high. In fact, it could be you are a novice investors who want to try out the instruments stock investment. If so, you can choose the securities that offer the terms of the minimum initial deposit.
  • Make sure the application is easy to use. You can compare the user interface of each application to see the review on Google Play.

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