3 Best Web Hosting Service In Indonesia
3 Best Web Hosting Service In Indonesia

3 Best Web Hosting Service In Indonesia

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Estadoseccidades.com 3 Best Web Hosting Service In Indonesia – Who the web host top to Indonesia in the year 2021? You can choose the winner, for a variety of reasons which we will discuss below!

Our mission is to buy an account from a variety of web hosts to see how well their performance. Since 2014, Bitcatcha have purchased and set up more than 70 test site, and monitor its performance since that time.


We have already tested the speed you can choose, we also host our website with service providers that have a physical server located in Indonesia.

The results of tests performed in the examiner the speed of our servers shows, average speed Niagahoster globally is 174 md and 80,25 md when accessed from the countries of Asia and Oceania.

Speed Niagahoster is quite good when accessed from a location that is far enough, for example the United States (216 md) and Sao Paulo (355 md). From the results of our monitoring, you can choose also has perks in live chat responsive and the choice of method of payment which is quite complete.

Niagahoster has been equipped with Imunify360 which will make Your website immune to attacks-cyber attack that wasn’t invited

Niagahoster also have cPanel complete, in which the user can configure the web hosting them according to your needs. Page cPanel they are also simple, making it suitable for users who are still beginners.

They also provide SEO Tools that are unique and not shared web hosting anywhere, suitable for You who want to raise the ranking of a website on the page of Google search to optimize for specific keywords.

From the fourth package, the package Personal is the most demanding users. At the time we wrote this article, they are currently offering a discount of 75% on the package!

All the privileges Niagahoster we don’t hesitate to give a rating of A+. This is not an exaggeration as it passed our testing, we know their uptime is at the top of 99.9%. This range including very well in between the web hoster other in Indonesia.

With live chat support deftly and money back guarantee for 30 days, very small possibility Niagahoster will not disappoint You.

There is a shortage for Niagahoster?

All the packages offered Niagahoster is to subscribe for a minimum of 1 year and no package to subscribe to in a matter of months.

In our opinion, Niagahoster should be used by web site owners that are serious with their business and is not already in the trial-and-error.

Hostinger ID

Based on the results of the research of our small, Hostinger has a physical server located in Singapore.

The average speed of the web hosting service providers that globally is a bit under Niagahoster, namely 167,1 md. However, the speed of accessing Hostinger from the countries of Asia and Oceania is high, i.e., 70 md.

Hostinger fast enough when accessed from countries outside the Asian region. They have the same speed with Niagahoster when accessed from Sao Paulo (346 md), and speed 246 md when accessed from London. Hostinger currently have 7 data centers around the world, spread in the U.S., the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Singapore, Brazil, the EU, Indonesia, and their country of origin in Lithuania.

Hostinger has a team of very competent and offer payment methods that are popular among users in Indonesia. This is a better value, given their position as a web hosting that comes from outside of Indonesia.

In technical terms, they offer a dashboard is very user-friendly, including for those who still lay in the world of web hosting. Hostinger also provide free domain and offers the capacity of the SSD, which has no limits.

With the package Hostinger Premium, Your web site will be spared from the problem of downtime in the time of a few tens of visitors accessing the website simultaneously.

While the packages of web hosting that they offer are Web Hosting a Single (Rp 8,739/month), Premium Web Hosting (Rp 23.489/month), and Business Web Hosting (Rp 37.695/month).

Web Hosting packages Business package is the most in demand by users in Indonesia (at least according to them), and at the time we wrote this article these prices already include discounts tempting (90% discount for Web Hosting Single, 82% for Premium Web Hosting, and 70% off for Web Hosting Business).

There is a shortage to Hostinger?

We give an A+ rating for Hostinger, but that doesn’t mean that web hosting service provider has no flaws.

Package-package price offered Hostinger does look cheap, and will really cheaper if You choose a package of 4 years.

In addition, it features daily and weekly backups are only provided for Package Web Hosting Business which is more expensive than two other packages.

Kinsta makes it

Next is kinsta makes it hosted managed WordPress premium that was formed in 2013 by a team of expert devotee of WordPress. The result was the host has the knowledge is very profound about WordPress!

To understand exactly how fast kinsta makes it, we set up 2 test site and put it in a speed test Bitcatcha us. Kinsta makes it scored a rating of A+ which is impressive for both!

And although our test site hosted from the data center of Iowa, the average speed of their Asian is 180 md – is not at all bad. Imagine how much more quickly it if You hosted from one data center kinsta makes it in Asia.

We are impressed with these numbers, but not surprised! However, the greatest strength kinsta makes it is that they are powered by the Google Cloud Premium that allows all users get the level of performance, the speed, and the highest security.

Thanks to an extensive network of Google, users kinsta makes it can choose to host their sites on the 1st of 24 data centers around the world. If the target user is located in Indonesia, we recommend hosting Your site from data center kinsta makes it Singapore to keep the latency remains low and can enjoy the best speed.

What else is great about the cloud architecture kinsta makes it? They are very flexible and can be scaled. If Your site suddenly gets a spike in traffic kinsta makes it can increase its resources to accommodate it.

You can be calm and confident that Your site will remain online, whatever happens. Our test site register a 100% uptime since December 2018, which outperform the best uptime backed rel=”noopener”.

Kinsta makes it also allows You to improve Your package, if You need more bandwidth. All this makes kinsta makes it ideal for a WordPress based site that is large or growing rapidly.

There is a shortage for kinsta makes it?

Kinsta makes it clearly has some advantages that are cool, but there is not a perfect host.

Because kinsta makes it is the solutions hosting premium WordPress, You have to pay a higher price. With prices starting from Usd 352 500 /mo, kinsta makes it more expensive than the average market. Kinsta makes it also doesn’t include email hosting.

In addition, kinsta makes it currently does not offer support service by phone to the customer, also do not offer support in English. We do not consider this a big problem, but some people might prefer to call and speak with someone directly rather than typing their questions into the chat box.

3 Best Web Hosting Service In Indonesia – Last, keep in mind that, although very good, kinsta makes it just can host a WordPress website. If You want to build a website outside of WordPress, kinsta makes it probably not the right host for You.

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