4 How to Play Volleyball, Anything?
4 How to Play Volleyball, Anything?

4 How to Play Volleyball, Anything?

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How to play volleyball may not be again a novelty for sports lovers. This six-on-six sport has indeed been known for a long time. There are at least a few things to understand before you want to do a volleyball game. From equipment to basic regulations to be understood,

How to Play Volleyball

This time, we will discuss regarding ways of playing volleyball well properly, following the discussion.

1. Determine Number of Players

Ideally, there should be at least 6 players in every team in order for the game to be competitive. However, if you play with friends, keep the number of players the same on both sides. After that, you should have 1 to 3 lines of players. The first row is closest to the net, and the rearmost row is positioned closest to the rear boundary of the field. 

2. Learning How to Shoot or do Shot

When viewed briefly, sports ball A volleyball has no special way to play. However, there are actually some techniques to master first if you want to play properly. First is to do the right horses before receiving the ball. In addition, the position of the hand and determining the strength when performing a punch are also one of important factor.

3. Implementing Strategies

Just like other sports, ball volley also have to have some strategies to implement in order for you to have a chance to beat the opponent. In addition, the replacement of players at the right moment can also be one of the moments to steal points from the opponent. 

4. Preparing the Game

This last point is also wrong saIt’s most important before you master the three things above. You have to prepare some things like a net up to a ball that will be used to play volleyball. In addition, there must also be a field corresponding to the preset size. Under official regulations, the size of the volleyball game court is 8.8 meters – 9 meters to is 18 meters wide and long.


Understand how to play a sport It’s very important we do it before we try those sports. A lot of things that can’t be just done, can actually result in injury or other harm.

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