5 Benefits You Can Get From Running Back Sports
5 Benefits You Can Get From Running Back Sports

5 Benefits You Can Get From Running Back Sports

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As you know running sports has a lot of benefit to your body’s health. This is one kind of sport that can be done easily and certainly cheaply. It can be done in many places, though certainly by looking at conditions and situations.

Running sports that you’ve known all along by running to depan. But even though it sounds unfamiliar and unusual, this type of running sport also has many benefits that are slightly different from conventional sports. Name, run backwards, or commonly known by name – running backwards or retro-run.

Benefits You Can Get From Backward Running Sports

This type of running sport is difficult to do, but the benefit is very big. Taken from several sources, here are seven benefits of running backwards that you can get.

1. Making the body upright

Sometimes running forward will cause problems on the body certain. Like for example a sore hip. Running forward can also cause back pain because you will often do a slightly bent position while running. Running backwards will solve those problems. Because you have to be a little upright when you run backwards and Surely make your body stand up.

2. Improving muscle balance

Walking forward will certainly strengthen your muscles. However, you also have the opportunity to make them an over train. Running backwards will make others become trained and rest frequently used muscles. It’s useful to get a balance.

Running backwards won’t do any harm to the knee joints, but it’ The reverse of backward running will actually reduce the pressure or vibration in the knee joints that are commonly felt when a person runs forward. Especially for those with joint pain, running backwards becomes the right choice in treating joints a leg.

3. Can save time

Some say 100 steps back equals 1.000 steps forward. Logically put it this way, more effort=more benefits. Which is harder, walking forward or backward? Well, now do the hard one and then take a break. Unknowingly, you’ve done more productive things.

4. Train all senses

You won’t be able to see when you run backwards. With practice that often, other senses will be your second eye. Hearing, smell, also of course consciousness will lead you to be even greater if you continue to be trained.

Especially for eyes, running backwards can improve vision the edge of the eye. If your vision has been focused on the front direction all along, but when you train yourself to run backwards then your vision from all corners of the eye will increase, either from the front or from the edge of the eye.

5. It is possible to keep running while in the middle of a minor injury

Surely this is not recommended. But if you’re an a runner, walking backwards while you’re in a minor injury won’t make you any more sick. The main muscles used when running backwards are the front thighs, calves, and shin. If your injuries do not involve any of them, feel free to do a backward run.


After knowing the benefits, whatever you’re going to try to do it? Perhaps combining a menu run forward and backward can get maximum benefit. But don’t forget to adjust to the needs. And consult your trainer before you try it.

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