5 Clubs With Most Ballon d'Or Winners, Here's the List
5 Clubs With Most Ballon d'Or Winners, Here's the List

5 Clubs With Most Ballon d’Or Winners, Here’s the List

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France Football forms annual award to ter Playersboth leading football in the club and representing his country, such award is Ballon d’Or. Many of the world’s great players have won this prestigious personal trophy. In the course of this Ballon d’Or Since its foundation in 1955, several world-class players have won prestigious awards. To be exact, 25 different players from 19 different countries and 20 different clubs have won the Ballon d’Or over the years.

Player who is Argentine national Lionel Messi selected sebagai winner of the 2021 Ballon d’Or. Argentina beat Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich to become the seventh Ballon d’Or trophy in Messi’s career. Interesting to mark is the lineup of clubs all over Europe with the Ballon d’Or trophy collection that the players got. In addition to Lionel Messi’s name, there are certainly figures of Cristiano Ronaldo and other retired big players.

Club With Most Ballon d’Or Winners

Without much ado, the following lists five y clubsang rankly has the following number of all-time Ballon d’Or winners:

Bayern Munchen

Constitute the most successful team in Germany. is one of the klub is most successful in Germany and Europe. The Bavarian giants are the Bundesliga record winners, and have also won six Champions League titles.

Along with Barcelona, Bayern Munich is a one-on-onehis other club that won the treble winner. They last achieved the feat in the 2019-2020 season, thanks to the role of a Robert Lewandowski.

Over the years, Bayern Munich has had three yes players won five Ballon d’Or titles while playing for the club. They are Gerd Muller (1 time), Franz Beckenbauer (2 times) and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (2 times). However, Bayern has not had a Ballon d’Or winner since Rummenigge won his second award in 1981.

AC Milan

Was the most successful club in Italy, especially winning European inter-clubs such as the Champions League with its seven titles. Rossoneri has also won 18 scudetto trophies.

Not surprisingly, if Milan has many Ball winnerson d’Or for years. Six players have won the Ballon d’Or while playing in the San Siro.

Milan players who palliate a lot win Ballon d’Or adalah Marco van Basten (3 times). The winner of the last Ballon d’Or in AC Milan was Kaka in 2007.


Becoming the most successful club and king in Italy, Juventus too Not to miss sending his deputy to the Ballon d’Or. Bianconeri recorded a 36-time Seri A champion record, and has reached six finals in the Champions League era, with one win.

Not surprisingly, they have some du-class playersnia that has appeared to them for many years. Juventus’ latest Ballon d’Or winner was Pavel Nedved, who beat Thierry Henry for the coveted award in 2003.

Five other Juventus players have won a total of seven Ballon d’Or for the club, with Michel Platini (3) the only one to do so several times.

Real Madrid

Los Blancos club is Span’s most successful teamyol even the world. How could it not be? They have won a record 34 La Liga titles and 13 in the Champions League.

Real Madrid was also awarded many good players during the long years. Perhaps the best of them all is Cristiano Ronaldo, who won four Ballon d’Or titles in a span of five years.

The only other Real Madrid player to win bebThe title of Ballon d’Or is Alfredo Di Stefano (2 times). Luka Modric (2018) is the latest Real Madrid player to achieve the coveted award.

He beat Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi after mem won the Champions League and led Croatia to the final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Thus, there are eight Ballon d’Or trophies present in Real Madrid.


El Barca are Real Madrid’s perennial rivals. lam yearsAnya Barcelona is competing fiercely for the title with Real Madrid.

However Barca are ahead in the Ballon d’Or trophy, which is 12 a trophy.

Lionel Messi (6 times) and Johan Cruyff (2 times), became penyumbang the most Ballon d’Or trophies. Four other players who have contributed four other Ballon d’Or wins to Barcelona are Luis Suarez, Hristo Stoichkov, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho.

Lionel Messi considered one of the best dala playersm history, who recently won that trophy for the 2021 edition.


So the article about 5 Clubs With Ballon d’Or Winners The most. Hopefully this article will add to our insight into the world of soccer. Thank you.

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