7 Benefits of Bowling Exercise for Body Health You Should Know
7 Benefits of Bowling Exercise for Body Health You Should Know

7 Benefits of Bowling Exercise for Body Health You Should Know

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Same with other sports that have health benefits, sports bowling as well. Many benefits come from doing bowling exercise for your body health.

It doesn’t have to be professional, provided you do it with rutmaka then the benefits of bowling sports will be yours. Most importantly consiten and willing to do it.

Benefits of Bowling Exercise for Body Health You Should Know

Taken from several sources, here are some of the many manfaat bowling sports for body health that you should know and perhaps you can do.

1. Lowering the risk of being stricken with disease

Playing bowling can lower the risk of being stricken with the disease. Lifestyle inactivity is one of the major risk factors of heart disease. Exercise, including bowling, will lower your risk of stroke and heart attack, Improve bone density, promote circulation, lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and help the body make better use of oxygen. As a recommendation, try It starts the routine of bowling every one time a week.

2. Maintaining and strengthening muscles

Playing bowling can keep and strengthen muscles. Play dap bowling men increases muscle exercise on both the lower body and the upper body. In bowling, you have to walk while carrying a heavy bowling ball. After that, you must lay one’s arms forward to throw his bowling ball. In the process, stretching of muscles, ligaments, and joints in the hand occurs.

3. Improve hand and eye coordination

Playing bowling can improve hand and eye coordination. In throw a bowling ball to roll and drop a row of pins requiring good hand and eye coordination. Such a focus provokes mental, concentric, and strategy tactics. This is what makes bowling the best sport choice for people who want to sharpen motor skills and creativity.

4. Losing weight

Playing bowling can lose weight. Playing bowling is also help you lose weight by promoting body metabolism. Although bowling areas tend to be limited, the game still requires a lot of movement, It helps burn excess fat.

During play, you have to move your legs and other limbs. Depending on the body weight and the amount of strength you use while playing, bowling can burn 170-300 calories. According to Mayo Clinic, adults with a weight of body 90 kg can burn 275 calories per hour while bowling.

5. Improving heart health

Playing bowling can improve heart health. Friendship that Interwoven between players during bowling proved to help the heart muscle work. In addition, the adrenaline that flows while playing bowling also increases the heart rate. Therefore, bowling is good for heart health.

6. Increase bone density

Playing bowling can increase bone density. Bone density It’s important, especially for people who are getting older where bone density starts to decrease, so it’s more at risk of developing osteoporosis. Other than through take will bone density could also be increased by regularly playing bowling.

7. Lowering blood pressure

Playing bowling can lower blood pressure blood pressure is one of one’s health indicators. Too high blood pressure is bad for health as well as can cause disorders in the body. If your blood pressure is low is high, you can lower it or stabilize it either by taking certain drugs or foods or by exercising. One kind of sport you can I’m bowling.


It turns out that there are a lot of benefits of bowling for health we do. It’s not so hard to do it as long as there’s a will and intention is definitely easy to play it.

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