7 Dribbling Techniques in Basketball Games
7 Dribbling Techniques in Basketball Games

7 Dribbling Techniques in Basketball Games

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A dribbling is important technique in a basketball game is known for the game to go more exciting and exciting. Moreover, dribbling itself becomes one of the important basic techniques in basketball games. dribbling itself is a dribbling step from one point to another on the field. There are a number of techniques that players can do in doing dribbling.

Dribbling Techniques in Basketball Games

Anything at all? Here are seven dribbling techniques in a game of basketball.

Opening the Fingers Widely

One technique that is important to note exists open one’s fingers wide Because basketball itself is not small in size. The right way certainly is to open the fingers wide. In order to dribble the well, the fingers of the hands must be relaxed so that the ball can stick more.

Use Fingertips for Ball Direction Control

Next, players should be able to control the direction of bola while doing dribbling. It can be done by using fingertips. By performing dribble using fingertips, the ball rate could be set to become faster or slower.

Protecting the Ball

The next thing to note is a technique of protecting the ball. It is important to do so that the ball is not taken by the opponent while being dribbled. There are two things that can be done to do this technique. First, lift another arm that is not being used for dribbling as a protection so that the opponent does not easily grab the ball. Second, positioning the ball on the side opposite the opponent, with a slight wrap crush the body or turn around, so that the ball can be protected with one’s back

Positioning Forward View

Next, players must also continue to keep the forward manganese. Each player should be able to reflexively keep his or her gaze toward the ball while performing dribbling. But responsive motion must also be awake.

Performing an Alternating Dribble with Both Hand

The next technique that needs to be done is doing dribble is replacing using both hands. When doing dribbling, players can only use one hand. However, players still need to learn how to do it using both right and left hands, so it is possible to move the ball into the other hand as the opponent tries to grab the ball.

Body Position

Next, players should also pay attention to the post fill the body while middle doing dribble. The position of the player’s body is certain to have to go down by bending the knee slightly. This needs to be done in order for the body to be better prepared to accept attacks from the opponent.

Pitch the Ball to the Field

The last technique to pay attention to is bounce a ball well in the field. This movement is a major part of the dribble. Hand strength became an important factor in reflecting the ball onto the field.


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