Crowded Wear An Investment Scam, What Is A Trading Robot That?
Crowded Wear An Investment Scam, What Is A Trading Robot That?

Crowded Wear An Investment Scam, What Is A Trading Robot That?

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Robot trading lately increasingly popular in the world of investment, especially in the forex sector. Interestingly it turns out that a lot of web entities in the field of commodity futures trading (PBK) operating illegal and blocked Bappebti using the mode of the robot such trading.

Then what is the actual robot trading?

Robot trading itself is not a robot-shaped man sitting in front of the computer and then run the investment. Launched Investopedia, Sunday (26/9/2021), the robot trading in forex is the designation for the system of algorithmic trading

The trading Robot will execute the transaction automatically by utilizing the signal the movement of the market to determine whether performing the action buy or sell at a specific point in time. So the investors using the trading robot does not need to bother to monitor the market and think of a strategy of buy and sell.

Still according to Investopedia, a system of trading robots is often fully automated and integrated with an online forex broker

While Market Observers Money Ariston Tjendra explain the robot trading business software that automates transactions.

“So the software that there is a program strategy that is usually done manually created a programming language. Then run on the server platform and software that perform the transactions execution of buy and sell independently,” he explained.

Ariston explains, there are several types of trading robots, there are operating automatically in full, there are also semi-automatic.

Even so the users trading robots still have control over the robot trading. That means the user can stop or run trading robots that according to his will.

The new is package deals forex investment under the guise of selling trading robot through the packages investing by using system member get member. But in general, as well as entities who ever blocked Bappebti earlier, entities are blocked at this time is still running mode-a mode that has been frequently used.

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