Eternal Rival, Here Are 5 of the Hotest Derby Games in the Soccer World
Eternal Rival, Here Are 5 of the Hotest Derby Games in the Soccer World

Eternal Rival, Here Are 5 of the Hotest Derby Games in the Soccer World

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Competition is a major spice in the world of professional football. Considering the title can be achieved through a fierce fight between competing teams. However, in some cases, certain clubs take their rivals to a more serious level, namely in derby matches.

derby matches in football leagues around the world constitute It was one of the most anticipated moments for ball lovers. This happens because at derby matches, other than to grab a victory, usually both clubs will play all-out to win prestige scores in it.

Soccer World’s Hotest Derby Match

Here are 5 of the hottest derby games in the soccer world!

1. Derby Della Madonnina

This derby match took place in the Serie A Italian League between two clubs by city of Milan, AC Milan and Inter Milan. Rivalry between the two has already begun since 1908. As for the Della Madoninna Derby, in this derby match, there is a tribute to one of the tourist attractions in Milan city, which is the statue of Virgin Maria located at the top of Duo. The statue is referred to as Madonnina.

2. North West Derby

This derby match came about because both clubs are from England, Manchester United and Liverpool alike are in the North-West area, and are only about 56 kilometers away. This derby match is one of the most prestigious rivals in the Premier League, even though the two clubs have local derby with Everton (Liverpool) and Manchester City (Manchester City) United). Fans of both clubs still regard each other as their biggest opponents, it refers to the fact that Liverpool and United are the two most successful clubs in England with the most trophy at both domestic and European levels.

3. Superclasico

This derby match took place as an overview of the underdog fight and up top, Boca Juniors is known for its fan-base which is the immigrants, whereas River Plate has a support base for middle-to-high economic society. It is called superclassico because both are the most successful clubs in Argentina. When summed up, the supporters of the two clubs consisted of lover 70 percent of soccer supporters in Argentina. The British newspaper, The Observer, put Superclasico at the top of its list of 50 sporting things you must do before die.

4. Old Firm Derby

This derby match is one of the widest rivals even up to outside the football field. The rivalry between two teams from Glasgow, Scotland, is a manifestation of differences in political and religious views between the two communities in Glasgow. This made the resentment between the two camps have been in the flesh since the two clubs times May 1888.

With financial problems hitting the Rangers in recent seasons, Celtic did indeed become the only dominant force in Scottish football. Yet it did not stop the resentment of the Rangers’ camp for immediate revenge in the future.

5. El Clásico

This is the derby match that siphoned off the attention of all the soccer around the world, El Clásico. The Derby is known for presenting a high-tension offensive match between club Barcelona and Real Madrid.

This derby match is also often known as political competition dengan presented Spanish society in Real Madrid and Catalonia from Barcelona side.


So, those are the 5 hottest derby games in the soccer world. Oh yes, fill in keeps internet packets from looping in order to stream the favored derby matches buffering-free!

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