Getting to Know the 8 Basic Techniques of Basketball Games
Getting to Know the 8 Basic Techniques of Basketball Games

Getting to Know the 8 Basic Techniques of Basketball Games

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Basketball is a group ball sport consists of two teams of five each who compete with each other scoring points by putting the ball into the opponent’s basket. Basketball can be on open courts, although professional games are generally held in closed spaces. The required match pitch is also relatively not large, e.g. compared to soccer. In addition, basketball games are also more competitive because game tempo tends to be faster when compared to other ball sports, such as volleyball and soccer.

In basketball there is a basic tricking techniqueti catching and passing, dribbling, shooting and pivot. To be clear, it is best to read the following explanation until it is complete.

Basic Techniques of Basketball Games

In sports basketball is known 8 techniques dasar and advanced. Here’s an explanation that you can check out to understand the theory of basketball games.

Passing and Catching

the most basic technique in basket ball games is the passing (passing) and catching (receiving) the ball from a teammate. To do this technique, Buddy needs a partner. When going to perform passing or passing, lput the ball parallel to my bosom buddy. Use the palm to hold the basketball. Then repel the ball in the forward direction until Pal’s hand is straight.

The final position of this movement is both straight with palms opposing each other. While to receive a ball from a comrade or do the catching, buddy should read the direction of the ball. After that, catch the ball with both palms. This passing and catching movement must be done in very fast time. If not deft, the ball may have been picked up by the opponent.


Dribbling is the term used to calls the dribbling movement in basketball sports. To dribble, Buddy had to bounce it on the floor while walking or running fast. In doing dribbling, Buddy can only muse one’s hand Changing hands is allowed when dribbling, however it is not permitted to dribble with two hands at a time.

The dribbling technique is divided into two type i.e. dribbling low and high. For low dribbling, the ball’s reflection is only as low as the player’s knee. If the reflection of the ball is higher than that, then it is referred to as high dribbling.

Things to note when doing dribbling is looking in the forward direction and controls the ball well. Keep the ball from being taken by the opposing team players.


Points in basketball game earned by crush a ball into the ring in the opponent’s area Therefore, the technique of shooting a ball into the ring or shooting is mandatory to be mastered. Shooting can be done with one or two hands.

There are a few steps that need to be done armpitka shooting. First, dribbling the ball toward the ring while locking the target. After that, lift up the body of the pal with a jumping motion and fire the ball toward the ring.

To take a shot, buddy doesn’t have to beada near the ring. Buddy can also do long-range shots, yet the technique is almost the same. Buddy just needs to adjust the target to buddy’s current position.

Point 1 given when Buddy shoots the ball to the ring at close range. While long-range shots that make it into the ring will be scored 3 points.


The basic technique of basketball game that I am playing is a pivot or a twisting motion. The goal of this move is to save the ball from the opponent’s attempt to seize it.

To do this technique, the way is very sederhana. Hold the ball with both hands, bend your body slightly to protect the ball. Then use one of the legs to perform a twisting motion avoiding the opponent.

Pivot movements are usually performed in sequence dengan the other three techniques, namely passing or passing, dribbling, and then shooting it into the ring.


When doing shooting, not all tembakan can go in the ring. Partial shots may have failed due to bouncing. It can be the opponent’s gap to snatch the ball from the team mate. In order to prevent this from happening, he should also study rebound techniques.

How to perform rebound motion is also very simple. Watch the ball when it gets fired into the ring by my pal, teammate, as well as the opponent playing. Take the ball to guard when the ball bounces. As soon as the ball bounces, jump then reach the ball.

The rebound movement is divided into two types, offensive rebound and defensive rebound. When Buddy picked up the ball fired by the opponent, this was referred to as a defensive rebound. Usually, this movement proceeds with a counterattack. Whereas offensive rebound is performed when balls that were not successfully fired into the ring by one-team players.

Slam Dunk

Slam dunk is one of the kinds of shooting motion variations that Buddy’s already learned before. The difference exists in the position of the body when firing the ball into the ring. When performing a slam dunk motion, the body position is completely floated, the player’s legs are also usually slightly bent.

To Knock out the slam dunk move, bend down Buddy to take the jump. Also note the ring target that is in front. After that jump as high as possible and do shooting moves with one hand.

Motion dunk divides into the following variations:

  • Walking in air the water
  • Alloy-ops
  • 360 degrees dunk
  • Tip dunk
  • Back dunk
  • crossover dunk


Yan techniquethe seventh g in basketball is screen. This technique is used to protect teammates from opponent intervention efforts. There are two stages that Buddy needs to do when doing the screen.

First, Sthe drug must use two or one hand to block the opponent’s motion approaching teammate Buddy. After that, you have to open up or give way to the player you were protecting earlier.

With the ugaYeah, this kind of cooperation, it’s not impossible. Team Buddy rules the game and wins the game.

Lay Up

Almost sama like slam dunk, lay up is also one of the variations of movement from shooting or shooting the ball toward the opponent’s ring. If you want to perform a lay up, follow these steps.

First, The motorcade approached the opponent’s ring. After that, take two steps forward approaching the ring while carrying the ball in hand fire off the ball into the ring from a very close distance by slightly lifting the body, yet not until doing the jump.


Learn something is not just enough of a theory. Buddy also needs to look at the example directly then put it into practice. After learning the theory from the basic techniques of playing basketball above, it is advisable for Buddy to also sample the techniques from professional players. To see the like game of professional players, try to watch them compete in NBA games.

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