Hold Top Footballers, Here Are the World's Top 7 Ball Player Agents
Hold Top Footballers, Here Are the World's Top 7 Ball Player Agents

Hold Top Footballers, Here Are the World’s Top 7 Ball Player Agents

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It’s not easy being a soccer agent. Someone needs to have a jumlah appropriate observation, experience, and understanding of the sport. In addition, the ability to assess the potential of players who will become great is indispensable. The person also needs to have excellent marketing and negotiation skills to offer great presentations and reach the right agreement.

World’s Best Ball Player Agent

The following seven agent ball players are considered the best in bidahe ng.

7. Team Hager

Team Hager may not be an agent with many star players the other agent on this list, but he managed to show his extreme courage to correct some of the best young talents in the football industry. He mostly concentrates on young talents from France who have all the skills necessary to become the best player of the next few years.

With clients such as Yann M’Vila, Mamadou Sakho, and Antoine Griezmann, Team Hager was placed in seventh place on the list of the world’s best soccer agents. Most of his clients still play in the French football league. But, he keeps in touch with several other clubs around the world.

6. Pini Zahavi

The name Pini Zahavi came to be known to the public the third he held the transfer has often involved English club Chelsea since Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought a London-based club in 2003 and made his name as the world’s most wealthy agent at the time.

In addition to his business of supplying players, Zahavi is also responsible fork negotiate contracts for all the star players they have to sign.

He also played a leading role in the club’s recent purchases. With his extensive network in the soccer industry, he proved his name as the first celebrity agent in the soccer business. With clients such as Carlos Tevez and Rio Ferdinand, Pini Zahavi was placed in sixth place on the list of the world’s best football agents.

5. Jonathan Barnett

Jonathan Barnett represents a variety of athletes starting with football fist. He represents the famous British-Canadian boxing legend, Lennox Lewis. Barnett in 2005 was involved in a “saddle” relationship with his client Ashley Cole.

Barnett and Cole reportedly engaged in illegal negotiations with London club, Chelsea. And, they did that without asking permission from the club of the former Arsenal player who violated the contract clause.

With clients like Wojciech Szczesny, Joe Hart, Ashley Cole, Darren Bent, and Gareth Bale, Jonathan Barnett are on the list of the best football agents in the world. Bale’s record transfer to Real Madrid alone made Barnett very rich.

4. Pere Guardiola

Pere Guardiola, in addition to his reputation as a football agent, he too have a well-known identity in the sport. He is the brother of Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola. If Pep has been appointed as one of the best coaches, Pere also proved himself to be one of the best agents in his field.

He once succeeded in Luis Suarez’s transfer from Liverpool to Barcelona. With clients such as Hector Bellerin, Jon Toral, and Isaac Cuenca in addition to Luis Suarez, Pere Guardiola is placed in the world’s best football agent.

3. Paul Stretford

A few years ago Paul Stretford bet on the Inggris publics when he introduced the player who was only 16 years old and the player was Wayne Rooney. Rooney became one of the most expensive players in the world and Stretford continued to play his leading role behind Wayne Rooney’s financial success.

Stretford take full responsibility for Rooney’s transfer to Manchesterer United and he also took a key role in Rooney’s return to Everton.

In addition to the English football legend, he also supplies suppe coachesrstars like Roberto Mancini and Harry Redknapp. With his star-studded client, Paul Stretford currently takes third place in the world’s best football agent.

2. Mino Raiola

Famous Italian soccer agent Mino Raiola became famous The arena has many star players who are its clients. He is known to have intelligence in terms of negotiating large amounts of contracts that make him quite a large percentage. Mino Raiola currently has clients such as Edinson Cavani, Mario Balotelli and Gianluigi Donnarumma.

He also controlled Paul Pogba when he was young to become a play great at the moment and take second place on the list of best soccer agents.

But besides all of them, Raiola made the most of his fortune to become an agent of his elite members such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Zlatan was repeatedly transferred from a wealthy club and eventually settled in MLS which made Raiola earn big money in the process.

1. Jorge Mendes

With his skill in negotiating, Jorge Mendes became the best football agent in the world even though he never set foot on the field as a player. But, he managed to have good control in some players from Portugal, his birthplace.

If there are some big contracts that need to be done with star players from Portugal, Mendes always appears first than anyone else, he has client management that is considered to be the best in the football business. With clients like Cristiano Ronaldo, Jamerodriguez Rodriguez, Radamel Falcao, Angel Di Maria, José Mourinho and more, Jorge Mendes were placed at the top of the list of best football agents in the world.


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