How To choose An Autopilot Trading Robot
How To choose An Autopilot Trading Robot

How To choose An Autopilot Trading Robot

Posted on How to choose the best autopilot trading robot. Robot Trading is a soft feature installed to Meta Trader / Trading platform from the broker used. This trading robot plays a role for making it easier for traders to carry out trading automatically.

By using a trading robot, you only need to monitor the movement of the order made by the robot. But, when before choosing a good trading robot, there are partly part of what you must pay attention to, as follows:

Request the Robot Results

This is one way to choose the best trading robot. The real trading robot (not abal) will certainly post the results at FXBLUE and MyFxBook. Choose a robot with promising results and have been tested for years.

Test Test.

You can carry out the test with the Forward Test method, it is a robot testing in the market that is actually. This test is different from the Strategy Tester or also backtest.

The results of the forward test are more accurate because the autopilot trading robot is tested in the market atmosphere that happens again. That way, the robot will face Slippage, Requote, Gap, and the other.

Alert robots with dangerous methods

Stay away from robots that have risk trading methods, such as Martingale or Averaging robots. Because, if the position of floating minus, the lot will continue to increase until the position is profit.

Make sure the robot doesn’t use Cent accounts

Cent accounts are raising real values, so you as if they have great funds, while not. It is well understood, because this is also one of the best trading robots.

Choose a robot Collaborating with credible broker

Make sure the robot uses a regulated broker.

Among the characteristics of regulated brokers it did not receive funds from third parties, not the city, and have been known and have names.

Robot has been tested

The next guide you need to live is by justifying that the robot has passed the test or trial.

Autopilot robots generally have gained trials for more than a year in forward tests, not with backtest. The trick is to implement the Live Trade on Real Account (Trading directly uses a real account).

Risk Management Robot is good

The next guide is that you need to recognize the amount of Risk Management Robot that you will choose by recognizing Drawdown Robots. Drawdown is a loss from trading results.

The good drawdown of robot trading should not exceed 40%. If the Drawdown Robot reaches 50%, the trading robot has a fairly large risk.

Real Account

You also must be able to justify that the robot uses real accounts, not in the account demo.

Search for references

The last guide you need to live is by looking for a referral about the forex robot you will choose. That way, you will get clearer data.

Ituslab Some guides you need to live in how to choose a good autopilot trading robot. With a good robot, the risk of failure in trading transactions can you minimize. Hopefully useful.

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