How To Play Forex For Beginners 2021
How To Play Forex For Beginners 2021

How To Play Forex For Beginners 2021

Posted on – Many people in Indonesia thinks that playing forex can bring financial benefits are quite promising.

They do not need to bother to go to work to earn income that you could sustain a personal life and his family for quite capitalize the electronic device connected to the internet.

Especially now a lot of popping up a forex broker both local and foreign, which offers many advantages and the ease in opening your account and perform transactions forex trading with a capital of deposit that is very affordable.

That assumption could be true. But on the other hand, many of them still don’t understand that in doing forex trading is also necessary basic knowledge and a mature strategy, even flying hours and nerves of steel, because they are play money real.

Therefore, to them it is highly recommended to learn forex first and practice playing forex, especially for beginners like you who just want to explore this business.

Oh yes, for those of you who want to learn trading for beginners, please you click the link below and forex trading at this link.

Choose the Right Broker and Open an Account

To play forex, surely you must choose a forex broker where you will be welcome to create an account.

If you feel confused with the forex brokers are widely available online, we recommend some of the forex brokers below where the process of making their account will be very easy and simple. Broker-a broker is already proven to offer all the advantages more than other brokers, as follows:

Understanding Forex

If interpreted in a more simple, forex is the foreign exchange trading is done online where the trade was not accompanied by the displacement of the foreign exchange physical. Forex will certainly be different from a money changer where you can buy and sell foreign exchange in cash and direct.

Well, in the world of forex, the foreign currency will be traded in pairs, for example USD/JPY, USD/EUR etc. There is a term ‘buy’, where you buy us Dollars and sell Japanese Yen, and the term ‘sell’ means you sell u.s. Dollars and buy Japanese Yen.

Thus, there is a currency strengthened and there is a currency whose value is weakened, so that from the difference of that, you will gain the advantage.

From where the required estimates are ripe before you buy or sell. You will be required to monitor the movement of the graph, because if the movement that was different from the estimate, then you will have the opportunity to lose money. His name is also trading, there must be aspects of the advantages and aspects of the risk of loss, isn’t it?

Oh yes, in a couple of decades ago, the only people kayalah that can play forex. But as the development of information and communication technology increasingly sophisticated and accessible to people of all economic backgrounds and education, then now anyone can play the forex and capital how just as long as he has a high interest.

Even there is an interesting fact that bermain forex tanpa modal pun can also be done where they can try the demo account.

Terms Commonly Used In The World Of Forex

  • Lot is a unit of measurement than the amount of currency to be purchased. If in the stock world, known by the term 1 lot comparable with 500 shares, then in forex trading, 1 lot means the same as 10,000 of the value of the currency traded the. for example, 1 lot of USD/JPY that is 10,000 Dollars of America.
  • Margin in forex refer to the guarantee offered, where the margin of this will be deposited when the unlock position and then will be returned when closing the trading position.
  • Leverage is a ratio that provided by forex broker when determining how large a margin that must you pay so that can obtain the value of the contract is expected that this ratio will be multiplied by the value of the contract to be purchased.For example, when opening a position USD/JPY with a leverage of 1:200, then you pay 50 USD, for a 10,000:200=50.
  • Buy refer to the activities of currency purchases where the price is predicted to rise at a later time.
  • Sell, reverse with buy refer to the activities of currency sales where the price is predicted to rise in the future.
  • The Spread, is the difference between the buy and sell price of a currency pair.
  • Order in the world of forex refers to the order, i.e. you order to buy or sell at a certain price which is expected to be fit in later in the day.
  • Floating loss, refers to a loss for the purchase of a currency caused the price would go down someday, or ride but will not reach the current price of the currency purchased.
  • Floating profit refers to the profit that is changing but still make a profit because the selling price of the currency will be higher than the price when purchased.
  • Realized Profit is the profit obtained at the time you close a trading position.
  • The Pip value is 1 points obtained from the fluctuations of the ups and downs of the prices of currencies.
  • Fundamental analysis,is the analysis used to estimate the price of a currency based on the state of the world economy as well as the situation of global politics.
  • Technical analysis is an analysis used to estimate the price of a currency based on the situation at the chart, trend and others.
  • Swing Trading, a term used to refer to the activities of trading in a matter of 1 day up to 1 week.
  • Day Trading, the term used to refer to trading in a matter of hours every day, between 2 hours up to a dozen hours.
  • Scalping, a term used to refer to trading in a matter of a very short, ranging from 2 to 5 minutes.
  • The Resistance can be interpreted as the limit of the price above is the price of a psychological currency.
  • Support, turn it around from the resistance, is the limitation of the price below which is also the price of the psychology of the currency.
  • The Zig Zag can be interpreted as a set of tools that technical analysis is used to understand the trend, the resistance and the support of a currency.
  • Excess Play Forex all You Need to Know
  • Of course there are many reasons why a lot of you guys want to try to play forex. Yes that’s right, play the forex it is very fun and definitely challenging and requires consistency and patience are full to be able to obtain maximum results.

Well here there are 4 (four) the excellence of play forex:

  • Forex Trading can be executed by using the internet connection through electronic devices such as PC, notebook, laptop, tablet and even smart phone you guys. You will usually be required to download a software or app to play forex.
  • Do not need a large capital, because in general, online broker is already preparing the facilities of the leverage that will help you if it turns out that capital you’re mediocre. With all facilities leverage, you can melakukang forex trading is greater than the funds of the deposit you guys. For example it this way, if a broker forex online offers a leverage of 1:100, meaning that you only need to prepare a 1 American Dollar to do a trade of 100 American Dollar.
  • Can play forex without requiring a capital a penny through a demo account that you can use to practice before turning to the actual account. A demo account is also provided free of charge by the broker-the broker as a method of promotion, which serves as a place to learn the practice of the novice trader.
  • You don’t need to have a background in economics or business to start forex trading. Can anyone become a forex trader origin have the willpower and a strong interest, no matter whether you’re a businessman, teachers, doctors, freelancer, author, or even the mothers of the household. Everything is likely to be a successful trader of origin coupled with a full commitment to learn the forex world as a whole.
  • How to play Forex for Beginners
  • Well, if you are a beginner and want to try a free demo account, then you can do so by visiting the official website of the broker-broker proficiency level.

Here we will put forward a number of steps how to play on forex trading application provided by the broker.

Such measures are:

  1. Please open a trading account real
  2. Please download forex trading platform provided online broker

You will be given a link where you can download the application platform forex trading available on the electronic device you. Well, in the software that are free to download this, you will be able to monitor the movement of currency exchange rates is presented in the form of a chart. Consider for example, the chart on the pair of currency/currency pair EUR/USD continues to move up, it would mean that the currency Uero is strengthening against the us Dollar.

Oh yes, you can see how to-how to download and install the trading application to play forex on the link below.

  1. Please select a currency pair. There are a number of big currencies traded in the forex trading world.
  2. It will be shown the screen below. We take the example of buying a currency pair GBP/USD (British Pound/US Dollar. Here you buy if you are sure that the base currency (the base currency) will be strengthened in the face of the second currency (the quote currency), or the second currency will weaken against the base currency. And please do sell, if you are sure that the base currency will weaken in the face of currency the second, or the second currency will strengthen against the currency first. The first price is the selling price, called the bid, and the second price is the purchase price, called with the offer.
  3. Then the size (size) is allowed to buy the British Pound is 10,000 with a minimum margin of 334,52 pounds.
  4. Please do buy when the price reaches 1,32000 and close the position when the price reaches 1,330.000. Then the profit will appear by 76.01 u.s. pounds.
  5. If you’re already convinced, then please place the order with mengkllik Place order.
  6. Please monitor trading you through the app which has been downloaded

Immediately after the open of trading, then the profit and loss of trading, you will now fluctuate with every movement in the market price. You can keep track of market prices, and view the profit or loss which is updated at that time also, attach the order to open a position and add a new trade or close a trade you it from the computer or the mobile app.

Can Play Forex For Beginners Without The Need For Capital?

Such questions may be much questioned by the beginner, whether the broker-online broker also provides an opportunity for the beginners to play forex with no capital real instead of a demo account?

In general, the broker-a broker that was holding the promotion bonus without deposit or demo trading contest will open up the opportunity to the prospective trader. You’re also welcome to utilize that opportunity.

Bonus without deposit

The no deposit Bonus is the bonus funds in the form of real money that is offered by brokers directly after we do a formal registration or opening a trading account.

Usually the funds intended for the forex traders who usually can’t do a withdrawal of funds. But if the forex trading resulted in a profit or profit, then the profit that can be drawn into our account.

And usually a bonus without the deposit will not be large, about $1 up to $100 only. To avail this bonus, please you read first the terms and conditions, yes!

Demo Trading Contest

Definition of demo trading contest is a competition or a contest to play the forex that can be run via a demo account, so that it doesn’t require any capital at all.

All you need to do is sign up, and trying to win the contest with managing virtual funds given so as to obtain profit the most.

Well usually rank 5 (five) most here will earn a cash prize, where the prize can not be withdrawn to your account, but can be traded. The magnitude of the reward was varied, among which the smallest is $ 20 to $ 2000. A number of very pretty, isn’t it?


Play forex will require diligence and commitment to learning and trade. Surely you realize, no forex trader to be successful in one day or one night, there must be the process of the running time.

And as a trader, you must be getting ready to get the risk of loss. But the risk of this course can be minimized in such a way if you can manage your account and capital you in a good and proper.

You need to learn from a variety of reliable sources and people who have experienced the business building. Then gradually, you will become like them, which is to become a successful trader and professional.

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