How To Transfer Coinbase To Trust Wallet
How To Transfer Coinbase To Trust Wallet

How To Transfer Coinbase To Trust Wallet

Posted on – Buy kriptocurrency (cryptocurrency) wallet Trust is very expensive. This is because a trusted provider of cost which is very high up to 5%.

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy crypto from exchanges like Coinbase. Coinbase transaction fees for $0.99 of $ 2.99, which is much lower than the provider on the wallet Trusted.

After you buy crypto from the exchange, you can transfer them to wallet. Then, You can use the exchange decentralized wallet like trust Pankakeswap to swap BNB or Etherium to other tokens.

Transfer crypto from Coinbase to wallet Trust is a simple process. The only prerequisite has Kodebase and Wallet app trust on Your mobile device.

If You haven’t installed the app Coinbase on Your mobile device, You should do it. You can also use Coinbase on Your desktop for this, but a screenshot on this mobile app are taken on Coinbase.

How to move crypto from Coinbase to wallet Trusted

Coinbase To Trust Wallet

To transfer crypto from Coinbase to wallet trust, You must first copy the address crypto wallet with trust. For example, if You want to send Ethereum from Coinbase to Trust Wallet, You need to copy the address Ethereum on Your wallet Trusted.

If so, open the Kolinbase and navigate to the crypto You want to send (for example Ethere). You can do it by pressing the icon “reverse” on Coinbase.

Then, press “Send” and select the asset to be sent (ex.Ethere). Coinbase will then require You to enter the amount of crypto You want to send.

Next, you should give the address of the recipient. In this case, You need to paste the address of the crypto you from Trust Wallet (that You have previously copied) into the “To” field.

Last, press “Preview send” followed by “send now” to transfer the crypto You. Here is the guide step-by-step on how You can transfer crypto from Coinbase to wallet trust:

  1. Copy the address of the crypto wallet with Trust
  2. Select the crypto at Coinbase You want to send
  3. Send crypto by gluing the address of the wallet trust

Copy the crypto’s address on Trust Wallet

To start with, open the wallet on Your mobile device and navigate to Your wallet. In your wallet, you will see a list of letter of the command.

This includes” Bitcoin”,” Ethereum”,” BNB”, and”Chain smart”. In this step, you need to navigate down to the basement you want to receive.

If You want to send kriptocurrency other, You need to add manually from the page “Manage”. To do this, press the settings icon > Find the cryptocurrency You want to receive/paste the address > press the button to activate it.

Once You have activated, kriptokrasi will appear in Your wallet. For example, if You want to send Ethereum from Coinbase to Trust Wallet, press the “Ethereum”.

In Your wallet, You’ll see four icons included “Send”, “receive”, “Copy”, and “more”. Tap on the “Copy” to copy the address kriptokurrency you (ex.Ethere).

This will copy the address of the cryptocurrency from wallet Trust to the clipboard-you. You have to paste this address in Coinbase later.

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Please klik the crypto on Coinbase that you want to send

Now, open the application headband on Your mobile device. If You haven’t yet downloaded the app Coinbase, You need to do it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Or, You can use the belt on Your desktop. However, the user interface will be a little different. Once You are in the app Coinbase, log in to Your account.

On Coinbase, You will need to navigate to the page of shipping. To do this, press on the icon “reverse” in the bottom navigation bar below. After You have been knocked on the icon “Reverse” in the bottom navigation bar, navigation menu will open.

On the navigation menu, You will see several options. This includes “buy”, “sell”, “convert”, “send” and “receive”. Because You’re looking to send kriptocurrency (ex.Etereum) to Trust Wallet, press the “Send”option.

After You have tapped on the “Send” option, You will land on the page “Select asset”. On the page “Select asset”, You will see a list of cryptocurrency that You own.

Press kriptocurrency you want to send to wallet. For example, if you want to send Etereum, press the “Ethereum”. If You do not see kriptocurrency You want to submit on the page, it means that You haven’t bought it. If that’s the case, you have to buy it on Coinbase first before you can submit it on the Wallet.

Send the crypto by pasting its address from Trust Wallet

After You kilih kriptocurrency who want to andda kiykan through the page “select asset”, You are landing on this “Enter number”.

On the page “enter the number”, and will see jumocurrency that you have in the manga fiat. It is the maximum amount of cryptocurrency that you can send.

On the number pad, key in the jumblah kriptocurrency (Eis.The inginm Wallet trust send. For example, if You want to send ” $ 8 “of Ethereum, press” 8 ” on the record number.

Then, tap “Continue” to proceed to the next step. After you tap the” page up”, you’ll land in the pages of” the recipient was elected”.

You may have to tap on “not now” before You can reach this page. On the page” select recipient”, You will see several fields including the ” to “and”note”.

First, paste the letter your address from your wallet Trust In the” to ” field. You should copy this address in the first step. Make sure that You have copied the exact address of the wallet Trust.

If not, Your Funds may be lost. For example, if you want to send Ethereum to Trust Wallet, make sure the address you engaged is the address Eteremu of wallet Trust. Furthermore, you can add optional note in the field” note”.

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