Invite Upload Black Shuttlecock Poster, Raffi Ahmad Show Solidarity for Team Indonesian
Invite Upload Black Shuttlecock Poster, Raffi Ahmad Show Solidarity for Team Indonesian

Invite Upload Black Shuttlecock Poster, Raffi Ahmad Show Solidarity for Team Indonesian

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Instagram social media is being crowded by the upload of black. This turned out to be still related to the public’s disappointment over the Indonesian team’s incident that was forced to withdraw from the 2021 All England event.

Earlier Indonesian netizen crowded with comments on the official Badminton World Federation account (BWF) asked that the world badminton federation be responsible for the non-wearing incident that happened to the team. The warganet’s anger also affected the loss of the All England official Instagram account. Then again appeared the Black Shuttlecock campaign as a form of the solidarity against Indonesian badminton athletes who eventually returned to their homeland. A string of artists also shared the same photo as his support.

Solidarity for Team Indonesia

Condang presenter Raffi Ahmad even invited the public to upload photos similar to marking BWF and Indonesian Olympic Committee (NOC Indonesia) accounts

In his upload, Raffi invited Indonesian people to upload black s poster shuttlecock. The post aims to be a form of support for Indonesian badminton athletes who have to surrender before fighting in the 2021 All England event. He also requested that the warganet re-post the photo he uploaded on his Instagram account.

“Hi all after what happened to the Indonesian badminton in All England 2021, let’s show crush our support in solidarity by uploading this (poster) on Instagram story. please make sure to mark BWF, so they can hear us” wrote Raffi on Instagram page who already has 51 million followers.

In addition to the artist couple Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, other celebrities also participated in posting similar ones include Lukman Sardi, Jeffry Waworuntu to Gritte Aghata. Singer Rossa even included a song titled “Because of Accompanying Love” as an expression of sympathy for the injustice that Indonesian athletes received at the world’s oldest badminton event.

Not forgetting they include hashtag #bwfmustresponseable or BWF should be responsible answer.

In fact, this is not related to the results of the test swab that the PBSI has just announced, but the public ask for transparency from the BWF which is considered unprofessional to hold a competition

A total of 20 Indonesians were asked to carry out self-isolation at the hotel where they were studying. Some who had competed and passed the next round were forced to withdraw, even the Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan couples were immediately asked to leave the field during the match. It was done because of the British health authorities (NHS) announced via email that the Indonesian team was required to quarantine 10 days because it had been one plane with a Covid-19 infected person.

The problem is that the Indonesian team was not explained who the identified passengers wereCovid-19 certification, then why is the team that has fought Indonesia or had close contact with Indonesia not carried out isolation as well. In addition, they also questioned why the self-isolation policy was not carried out simultaneously like the tournament which was held in Thailand before.

The case seems as though it has not received a bright spot from BWF as the organizer, especially when BWF withdrew the 2021 All England schedule after finding positive Covid-19 cases in India, Thailand and Denmark. The organizers even retested and the participants who were confirmed positive received negative results after the examination. unfortunately rice It is good that the Indonesian team did not contact the Indonesian team, for the reason that the BWF could not do much because the Indonesian team’s notification was emailed directly by the British government.


Hopefully this case will quickly get a transparation from the organizers, for athletes Indonesia spirit always in the next game!

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