Posted on– “He said in my 20s it is very important for starting to invest. But in fact saving just hard to do, let alone both?

“It takes a capital gede continue to be loss as well, later can’t YOLO (You Only Live Once..”

If you hear the word investment, that thought is hard, the fear of loss, or later. if you’ve established.

The advice and solicitation for investment since the early eventually only being discussed and considered it, especially when the income has not been established yet or no income. How would the investment? Nabung aja susah :’)

Investments need to be planned since the early

The main challenges of young people in the age of 20s to financial problems is how they get it out to spending a new experience, compared to saving for long term purpose.

20s is the age of transition from juvenile to adult, where you have full authority to themselves, have a job and can support yourself, there has been no dependents or installments and want to enjoy the results of the work effort with fun-fun as well as buying a new experience.

Wrong? Nggak dong…

But don’t forget that finance a mature and well established it was necessary planning early. The fulfillment of lifestyle are the main factors that make the young generation is still difficulty in arranging finance.

Meet the lifestyle not endless, Dream Warriors. Don’t make the concept of YOLO as a justification against the consumerist lifestyle.

You have to think about the future and go after a dream has a financial planning that is well-established.

“I already made financial planning and leaving pemasukkanku create savings in the bank. Means it’s arguably invest right?”

Saving is not the same with investing and still a lot of misconception about this.

The difference between saving and investment

Illustration difference between saving and investment is more or less like this:
Even though both can help you meet your financial future is better, the purpose of saving and investment that’s different.

Saving is the process of saving money for the needs/short-term goals that can be withdrawn or taken at any time.

For example you want to vacation abroad in the next year. Periodically you will save money in the bank with the amount of funds in accordance with the target of departure. But in the middle of the road you have emergency needs and require additional funds, you can at any time take or withdraw your savings.

Saving money in the bank has a low risk with the advantage of low as well. If the goal you are saving is to expect the development of the value of money is large, you should consider to do both.

Investment is the process of developing the money to get more profit. Because it has more profit, then the risk is also greater. But calm, there are still many investment products with risk level low to the type of investors who tend to it carefully.

If in saving money you could be taken or withdrawn at any time, that’s a different story with the investment. Investment is financial planning long term and need to process and time to melt it. But as a form of capital investment, the investment is very useful for your future.

Why young people should invest?

  1. Create new financial resources

Investing gives you the opportunity to add value over the money to you. When the investment funds you generate interest, interest that is the advantage of you. Unlike the case with saving money, where the money you want to just sit in the bank and does not add value.

  1. You can chase a dream

Dreams have a home? Start your own business? Both can help you to realize the purpose of your dreams.

  1. You make the money work for you, not vice versa 🙂

The funds you invested will generate additional money from the interest generated. From the additional income, you can “enjoy” life to do the things you want, for example traveling, continuing education or capital to build the business.

  1. Setting up old age

There will come a time you had to retire and stop of the world of work. Of course you have to prepare a source of income when you’re no longer productive. If you do both of the young, the investment fund and the benefits you can enjoy when you retire later. The value of the money you will continue to grow as time passes.

Myths and facts about investment

“Would like to try both but he said ribet ngejalaninnya kept a lot of the fraud of the investment scam that loss up to millions of rupiah. So with confidence for the start of the”

Many beginners are still hesitant to start investing because of the wide range of issues and the perception which actually also not necessarily true. Whereas both present offers ease in set the state of a person’s financial and anticipate things that are not desirable in life. As long as we understand the instrument, and the advantages and disadvantages resulting in investing, you don’t need to worry to start with.

Some of the myths about investing:

Myth 1: the Investment must have a large capital

In fact, both can be done from the number 100 kok! Mutual funds could be the choice of the initial investment as a beginner.

Myth 2: that Investment risk is great

The level of risk in investing can be set based on the type of product that is invested. The higher the risk taken, the higher the profit that can be achieved.

Myth 3: a Lot of fraud in the investment

A lot of news in the media about the investment scam that led to fraud. As a novice investor, you are advised to choose the investment manager which has been proven and registered in the FSA, so it has validity in the law and legislation.

Don’t believe you diimingi the promise of “high profit in a short time”, because both are marathon and long-term.

Myth 4: Start investing it’s complicated

Nggak kok…

Now many companies Fintech (Financial Technology) and Marketplace, which offers features for ease of investing. Enough to invest funds to a minimum and can be withdrawn anytime. Plus more information on the investment already a lot, starting from its kind, how to start it, the good and bad, the myths and facts as mimin jabarin. You simply change the perception and sure that what is invested will give you a favorable outcome.

How do I start investing?

Every age has needs and financial demands are different. Therefore, the selection of investment products should be carefully carried out in accordance with the age and needs.

As a novice investor, you can do three things this:

  1. Plan and long-term goals

By knowing when you want to earn a profit, you will know how the funds must be spent and the type of investment product in which you should take.

  1. Set the amount of funds you wish to invest

The percentage of the amount of funds that can be issued to the investment ranges from 20%-40% of the revenue obtained. You have to make sure that the primary requirement is already fulfilled before investing yes.

  1. Select investment products appropriate financial goals

Select investment products with appropriate risk with your character and ability and your price range.

According to Fellexandro Ruby, a young entrepreneur and mentor Chasing Dreams, there are 2 types of investments for beginners for the millennial generation:

First: Investment in real assets or the assets of a tangible manifestation of the outside of the financial sector such as gold, land, property such as apartments for rent back.

Both: financial Assets in the financial sector where there is a commitment to bind assets in securities issued by the publisher. For example, such as stocks, deposits, bonds.

This type of investment suitable for young children

  1. Gold

Until now both the gold is still a popular investment in the community. Gold also is suitable for paea investors who have a preference of risk factors is low and resistant to the rate of inflation. If compared with other investment, gold investment classified as an investment that is easily melted.

  1. Deposits periodically

Investment deposits suitable for beginner investors who are still looking for the risk of loss is low. Although it looks the same as savings, but deposits have the choice of a certain period of time so that the saved money can not be withdrawn before maturity. The interest given by the bank is also usually higher than regular savings, so that could be a profitable investment options.

  1. Mutual funds

This investment is certainly often you hear because it is suitable for investors who have little capital, which can be done starting from 50k. In Mutual investment funds, investment funds collected from the investors will be managed by the investment manager. The risk of loss or profit obtained will be divided equally to all investors.

The size of the benefit or the risk that you get, depending on the type of Mutual fund you select. So make sure you choose the investment company right from the beginning, where the company has established a reputation and reliable.

  1. State Securities

Known as surat utang negara (SUN), these investments become one of the investment instruments which are quite attractive to the community. The SUN not only gives the advantage to the interests of the State, but to benefit the investors or buyers, both individuals and companies.

This investment is suitable for you who have small capital and don’t want to take a big risk. Its kind of any lot like Obligasi ritel Indonesia (ORI), Retail Savings Bonds (SBR), the Tribe of Retail and Sukuk Tabungan negara. To buy it, you must update the schedule-schedule booking yaa.

  1. Stock

Stock investment is proof that you also include the equity in a company. Don’t need a huge capital to invest in stocks and have the proof of ownership of a company or a business entity.

As the owner of the company, you will get profit sharing (dividends) periodically. Although it has the potential benefit that is not limited to, the risk of investing in stocks is very high because the stock price can go up or down at any time.

  1. Property

Investing in property requires huge capital because it needs care as well as the cost of high taxes.

But in the back of a large capital, this investment is promising huge profits because the price of land and the house always increase every year. In addition, the property has a low risk due to the movement of the value of the property is not as sensitive as the stock investment. Unfortunately, the property can not be thawed quickly, because it takes time to sell it.

Select investment wisely and in accordance with the needs as well as your abilities. Investments also do not have to be solely about the money anyway. According to Fellexandro Ruby, financial planning there are two concepts. The first is defense, where we set up the provision of investment and protection for the future with an income that is owned; the second is the offense, where we look for ways to improve your skills or choose an investment so that income increases.

If you want to know more and learn the strategies of financial planning and investing in your 20s, you can check the podcast Chase Dreams together Fellexandro Ruby in the application Chasing a Dream. Application Chasing a Dream can help give you the daily inspiration you through articles and inspirational videos. You can also view the webinar featured experts who discuss topics ranging from lifestyle, psychology up with a career.

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