This Is The Web Hosting Services Best In Indonesia
This Is The Web Hosting Services Best In Indonesia

This Is The Web Hosting Services Best In Indonesia

Posted on This Is The Web Hosting Services Best In Indonesia – For those of you who are looking for a web hosting service is the best please refer to the discussion of the admin at the bottom of this until the finish. Because under this amdin will merekomendasik some of the best web hosting ever in Indonesia and until now still working.


Rumahweb is the leading provider of web hosting services locally who have a physical server located in Indonesia.

Based on the report of the examiner speed server Bitcatcha, Rumahweb has a speed which is far below the three web hosting before. The average speed of their global is 196 md, while the speed of access of the countries of Asia and Oceania is 138 md.

Rumahweb located in Jogjakarta and they have been operating since 2002. At the time of starting a web hosting service, Rumahweb only have 1 server. At this time they already have 30 servers located in Indonesia, United States, and Singapore.

A review from a local source said, Rumahweb is a web hosting provider with number of users the most in 2019.

Rumahweb offers several packages with the price is quite competitive. One of the packages that come to our attention is the Pack Grow with the cost of Rp 39.900/month. By paying the cost of the package, You will get the facility of the space, bandwidth, e-mail and add-on domains unlimited and free SSL!

Payment methods they offer enough ease of the user. In addition to the payment method classy global such as Visa/Mastercard and PayPal, they also accept the payment via virtual account, transfer bank, even GoPay and OVO.

If so, is Rumahweb recommended?

Rumahweb have a support team that is always eager to answer all of the questions of their clients, according to their promise to standby 24/7/365.

If You are a user of any other web hosting before and want to switch to using Rumahweb, they will waive the cost of migration hosting and free hosting plus discounts on domain to 50% in the first month!

There is a shortage for Rumahweb?

The problem is, the average uptime of their less well, that 99,82%. According to the results of our testing, the time response of the server Rumahweb be sluggish at the moment of receiving the visit of 30 users simultaneously.

Another one that is pretty disappointing is there is no money back guarantee on the purchase of hosting.


Our Bitcatcha also take the time to test some web hosting Indonesia, and one of them is to try Exabytes web hosting of our site.

According to the results of the report of the examiner the speed of our servers, the speed Exabytes globally slightly above Rumahweb, namely 183,3 md, while the speed of accessing average of the countries of the Asia and Oceania is 90,25 md.

From the results of our search, Exabytes is a hosting company that originally stood in Malaysia since 2001 and currently has data centers located in the US, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In their official site it is written that they have 100 thousand customers from 121 countries with 100 thousand more web sites and 1 million more email accounts.

Of the three packages that they offer, the package that we tested is a package Ebiz Gold with the price of Rp 30.000/month. With the package You will get a free of charge domain, the storage capacity of 500GB, the data transfer of 500GB per month, free daily backups that will be stored for 14 days, and the ability to host 50 of the website.

Same as Rumahweb, Exabytes also provide various easy payment methods used by the user in Indonesia.

Exabytes offers some programs work the same, for example, Affiliate Program, Programs Bloggers Plus, our Partnership Program, and what’s interesting is the program EasyStore. This Program can be used by those who are just starting to open an online store for the first time.

There is a shortage to Exabytes?

With all these advantages, Exabytes has some fatal flaw. First, their uptime is less good. This is not very beneficial for the website owners who are just starting a business and want to attract as many as possible visitors.

In addition, the team help Exabytes less deft and quite slow to respond to the email. However, these shortcomings are offset with interesting offers, such as money back guarantee up to 100 days.

What did

After we explore in depth, it turns out quite a lot are also the service provider web hosting in Indonesia with a physical server located in Indonesia. What did is included in them.

Bitcatcha already test the speed of their servers, and the complete results can be seen here. It turns out that what did have the speed of the global average which is far below web hosting providers in this article, namely 197,3 md and 146,25 md to the average speed of the Asia and Oceania.

In its official website, what did describe them as a provider of web hosting service with 75 thousand customers with the support of 100 shared server in Jogjakarta, Jakarta, and the United States.

With such a package, the user will get the space of 5GB of storage, a free domain for a lifetime plus one additional domain, bandwidth, database, and email unlimited.

They offer SSL and tooling management a complete hosting that can be used without the cost. In addition, there is no fee charged for migration web hosting.

What did provide a method of payment which is more or less the same with Rumahweb and Exabytes, minus the electronic wallet local GoPay and OVO.

Customers who want to improve the search ranking on the first page of Google can take advantage of the features of SEO Audit provided what did to all packages, including a package of the cheapest though.

They also claim that their website can be accessed 40 times faster and load time-tested. Service is also available VPS Cloud (according to them) is the cheapest in Indonesia. The problem is, cheaper is not necessarily the quality, isn’t it?

Each question in the live chat or via email will be answered at the latest within five minutes. Unfortunately, the answers from the support team was less a show of good faith to them for help. Why, they just provide a link or links to the technical guide on the blog for simple questions regarding technical problems.

There is a lack for what did?

Users must also subscribe to the package that is more expensive (Packages Corporate) if you want to use the facility daily and weekly backups at once, as with a Package of Awesome You only will get the facility of auto backup weekly.At the time this article was written, a Package of Awesome is a package of their best-selling at a price of Rp 25.900/month or only $ 863 per day.

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